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The goal of this blog is simple: be the most comprehensive site of self-development for men.


Like most men, I’ve been raised in a society were the notions of virtue and manliness, seem like foreign aliens to our ears, or simply things we should stay away from.

We all know that masculinity is in crisis and that men are suffering (suicide rates and homelessness are examples).  Nevertheless, few people are willing to do something about it.


This will be a space to share useful information for men that want to pursue a virtuous life and achieve “full-functioning”.

The fully-functioning man develops the following areas.

  • Cultivation of a functional and aesthetic body.
  • Development of a competent and free mind.
  • The cultivation of intimate relationships in which the individual achieves greater growth (family, friends and romantic relationships).
  • The good use of sexual energy for achievement and sexual satisfaction.
  • The actualization of natural talent and the development of a career that uses them.
  • The constant dedication to a higher purpose or legacy.

In more concrete termsthe blog will share information about: male/female relationships, fitness, productivity, goal-setting, philosophy, psychology, and more.

Much, much more.


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